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Electric water heaters

Residential electric water heaters

Electrical water heater example We offer different models of electric water heaters that operate on 240 V. Whether you choose a 40 or 60 gallon format, most of the recommended models work exactly the same way. Electric current passes through the heating elements, which heat up the internal water tank. Depending on the model, electric water heaters have either 2 or 3 elements.

The current passes through a thermostat that continuously measures the water temperature. When the temperature drops, the thermostat releases current that heats up the water to a pre-set temperature.

Since your system stores water in the tank, the rate at which the water is heated, and the volume, will affect its performance. These are important things to consider when buying a new water heater or replacing an old one. You need to know the “recovery rate” in order to have an idea of how quickly your water will heat up.

Generally, a large hot water tank will have a slower recovery rate. This is quite normal, since more water needs to be available for intermittent use. A smaller tank will have a faster recovery rate, since you don’t need to heat up the same volume of water.

CSA certified commercial electric water heaters

The commercial electric hot water heaters we offer are durable, reliable and versatile. They are made of better quality materials such as thicker steel, have superior heating elements and are significantly more powerful.

For industrial applications such as restaurants or apartment buildings, we distribute Giant brand commercial electric water heaters. They can be quickly installed by our certified technicians, if you are moving into new premises or need to replace an existing system.

Our commercial electric water heaters can be installed as a standalone or combined with other units. All of the products we offer are CSA-certified when they are installed by our own technicians.

Various factors can affect the performance of an electric water heater, such as the build quality and number of elements, etc. Feel free to contact us for more details on residential and commercial water heaters.

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